Konnectronics Inc USA

Establishment of e-Library for Federal Government Agencies
Opening of Abuja branch office
Construction of Smartcard Factory in Abuja (work-in-progress)

2009 – 2010
ISO 27001/Verve Certification
Large Office space in Lekki Lagos
Construction/Establishment of Smartcard Factory in Lagos

First Nigerian Card Company to host EMV Summit in W/A
Move from ICON House to a large Office complex in Lekki, Lagos
Design and hosting of Service portal to State Governments
Upgrade of EMV Perso Systems

Best Nigerian Card Company for the year 2007
Acquisition and Installation of Mailing System
Acquisition and Installation of additional Pero Equipment

Acquisition and Installation of Perso Equipment
The first Nigerian card company to introduce Metallic cards
The first Nigerian card company to be listed in European Card Review
The first Nigerian card company to open office in the UK
The first Nigerian company to introduced a Smartcard Radio