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Optimising Public Sector Operations with Technologies

Proactive Organisations are seeking new ways of applying technologies to enhance operational efficiency, as well as revenue generation tools. Environmental changes are equally impacting on our work habits and structure. Those who fail to capture the essence of these environmental changes will only awaken to be left behind, while for some it may mean business’ demise.

Structural changes provide new opportunities; nearly every person who will use Card in 2020 is already alive today. The shift from Cash-based activities to Electronic transactions is irrevocable. But, so is the emergence of more adoptions of Smartcards including but not limited to:

Biometrics Data & PIN Cards with Payment details
e-Payroll Management, e-Inventory, and so on

Aviation Cards
Aviation card is 6-Multi-applications pre-paid transactions cards with identity card that enables users to carry their money in the card, identify themselves, easy check-in, online ticket management and improves security at the airport.